Ways to simplify your bathroom

Living with a small bathroom can be a daily nuisance. There’s only room for one person to realistically get ready at a time, there’s no where to put anything, and it makes your morning routine feel like playing a chess match. Fortunately there are plenty of ways to simplify your bathroom no matter what the size.

Think Up!

We often get discouraged when we look at a small space in terms of its length or width. You begin looking around the room trying to figure out where you could stuff one more basket or storage container. An easy solution to small bathroom storage is tower organizers and shelving that can be hung on the wall. By utilizing not just your floor space but also your walls and the backs of doors you can easily organize all of your supplies without fear of tripping and breaking your neck every morning.

Going Under

Even the smallest vanities can be transformed into an oasis for hair care products and other supplies. A simple under-vanity two drawer unit can completely change your storage possibilities. And as long as you’re storing items under the vanity don’t forget to use the interior of the cabinet doors. There are a number of over-the-door racks that can be utilized beneath a vanity to offer an easy hiding place for straighteners, blow dryers, curling irons and other supplies that would normally wreak havoc on the top of your vanity. This will offer a neater solution for storing these items that keeps them off of the vanity top and out of your way when they’re not in use.

With just a few storage units and the right supplies you can quickly and with relatively little expense enjoy a much neater and better organized bathroom.   by Alicia Murphy

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