Why are you renting?

In 2014, a stunning $441 Billion was spent in rent, with the average monthly rental amount being $750.00.  Many millennials have postponed purchasing a home while waiting for the economy to recover.  This has increased demand andPicture1 dramatically lowered vacancy rates.

But why are you paying someone else’s mortgage payment?  It’s a GREAT time to purchase a home. With interest rates still VERY low and the nice selection of inventory Omaha has, don’t wait to purchase.

Take for example a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home with a 2 car garage.  Let’s say you purchase it for $120,000.  Your monthly payment (including taxes and insurance) could be $802.00.  The best part is, you could be making your own mortgage payment, becoming a part of a community, and creating a future for yourself.  If you are interested in becoming a home owner, give Jill Anderson a call.  Jill has a proven track record of helping people achieve their home buying dreams.

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